Hello World!

Okay, here I go! This is my first attempt at SERIOUS blogging. I mean, I have blogs that I update periodically on sites like MySpace, Uber, & ReverbNation, etc., but with this site, I hope to keep it updated REGULARLY. (Ha! We’ll see how well that works out….)

Anyway, about me, and why I’m writing this blog in the first place. My name is Curt “Iceman” Felder, & I’m a rap artist. (I guess I could probably call myself a ‘rapper’, but it sounds a little juvenile, so I’ll leave that title to the ‘Soulja Boys‘ of the rap world.)

I started as a rap artist at age 16, I think. (Bear with me, been awhile!) I started out by studying production at 5-Towns in New York. I also trained with a gentleman named Barry Goldstein, who was an engineer for Warlock Records at the time. I’ve always been a quick learner, so I was able to learn the basics of recording, engineering, and mixing. I initially was only interested in production, not rapping, but that changed pretty quick!

Very early on in my music career I learned that this is a DIY business. Meaning, if I was going to be a producer, then I’d better to learn how to rap than to have to FIND a rapper to work with. So that’s what I did. And I also learned that it’s better to start your own label and get your music out there yourself, than to find a label to sign you. (For the record, I wanna say that I’ve held that point of view way before RadioHead decided to go indie with In Rainbows!!!)

So, to make a long story short, that’s what my blog is going to be about. Doing It Yourself in the Hip-Hop biz. With no major label, no million dollar marketing budget, nothing. Of course, most successful rappers in the game today started off the same way I am now, independent, and using just their wits to rise to the top of the game.

The biggest difference in my case is I thought it would be a good idea to blog about my rise to the top WHILE I’m rising to the top. Kind of like a reality show, I guess… So, I’ll be talking about everything that affects my career in the industry – technology (P2P, Web 2.0, etc), fund raising, marketing, and a few personal rants and raves thrown in here and there. Now, I’m definitely no novelist of any kind, so most of my blogs will be in the 70 words or less range. I don’t wanna get bored writing this, and I definitely don’t wanna bore any of you readers out there!

Should make for good reading (I hope). And hopefully at least one aspiring musician out there will learn from my successes. (And of course my mistakes!)

Welcome aboard! Let’s get it poppin…


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