50 Cent Endorses Clinton for Prez, O’Reilly Responds

Rapper 50 Cent has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. He told MTV it’s because he feels that America is not ready for a black president, and because he believes that Obama is destined for assassination if he DOES win.

Bill O’Reilly (FOX News) has responded by calling 50 Cent a “pinhead”. 50 dismissed O’Reilly’s remarks by saying “he (O’Reilly) probably has a confederate flag on top of his Lexus”.

Wow. In my opinion, 50’s right to a degree. Racism is as American as apple pie. And Obama is in danger of assassination if he’s elected president. For racism, or whatever reason.

But so is any other president that’s elected. Pick a candidate, and I’m sure there are hundreds of wackos willing to attempt to assassinate them. So it’s pretty stupid to decide to endorse someone as a candidate based upon whether or not they’ll be assassinated. That’s one of the most asinine things I’ve ever heard.

On the other hand, both 50 and O’Reilly are shrewd businessmen who definitely know how to keep themselves in the public eye.

The whole thing is more humorous (and downright stupid) than anything else.

1 Response to “50 Cent Endorses Clinton for Prez, O’Reilly Responds”

  1. 1 vl troy
    February 17, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    Man 50 cent is such an easy target to battle, i bet him 5 million i will battle him one on one in front of the world and i will win!!!!! Well maybe not cause his fans will pick him cause he is more famous so fuck em!!!

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