Iceman Interview With Coffee Shop Mag

Hey, what’s up everybody! Just had an interview with VL Troy (head of the street team for Rap-A-Lot Records). He’s got his own web magazine called coffee shop mag. We talked about everything from the current state of Hip-Hop to my plans for Red Zone Records. Shout out to Rap-A-Lot Records. Pimp C, rest in peace!

What’s up world Coffee shop mag is back in the buildin! Today we got my nigga Iceman in the buildin ya digg? We out in boston checkin out the scene and check out what’s poppin! Iceman what up man?

-Nothin much, fam. Just maintainin. Stayin on that grind, you know?

Lets get down, were are you from and were do you represent?

-I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY. I live in NH now, so I’m reppin the 603.

How is the 603, how does that hood differ from other cities as far as hip hop?

-It’s cool. I mean, we have hip-Hop fans up here, just not enough people making the moves necessary to develop that fan base into a real industry. The whole New England has the potential to be the next dirty south, or H-Town, if the business people develop the right mind set. We need more Hip-Hop clothing stores, clubs, etc. But this industry up here could be developed into a multi-million dollar market if it was done right!

So what does Iceman and redzone records bring to the table for the hip hop genre?

-Work ethic. That’s the most important thing. I want this label to be known as the hardest working label in Hip-Hop. No lazy ass A&Rs, no elitist bullshit attitude. Just hard work. And another thing we bring to the table is providing that sense that we’re doing everything we do FOR the FANS. Too many labels and artists out here are too quick to talk about all the shit they got, and it’s almost like they’re belittling the fans. Fuck that, the fans are everything. If it wasn’t for the fans, Iceman and Red Zone Records would be nothing.

thats what i admire about ya, your approach is very, how do i say, “foot in the ass”!! So what projects can we expect coming soon?

-We’re working on a series of compilation CDs called “Future Platinum”. That project is pretty much gonna be work from some real upwardly mobile artists who now how to get their grind goin. Some of em will probably end up signed to Red Zone, and some won’t, but we’re gonna do the best we can to get them all some exposure.

-We also have solo projects coming from Real Talk, Marc 4, and Mad Bwoy (he’s a reggae artist). We also have a new Iceman CD droppin in 09, called Black Market. My current CD, Reign of Fire is doin pretty good, but Black Market is gonna go one step further!

I like how you said “Its like labels and artist almost belittle fans” You hear a nigga talk about he got a 40,000 dollar chain or some bullshit when there are people that can bearly make it on rent due to the economy. Now what is your opinion on people like that and would you spend 40 g’s on some dumb shit like that?

-Well you said it yourself. “Dumb shit”. I’m a grown man. Picture me spending 40 grand on a piece of jewelry!!! I don’t care how much money I have. I rather spend my money on investments, family, priority shit like that. I think cats that buy all that shit are over-compensating for something else. I feel sorry for em.

how would you describe your sound?

-Intense. That’s how it feels when I record it, and that’s the feeling I strive to get from my audience. I don’t want to come across with the kind of music just anyone can do. I’m humble, don’t get me wrong, but my intensity is mine, and only mine. So I give 110% on every track. I can make club bangas, but I do my best to give people something to think about and feel AFTER they leave the club.

aight im gonna give you some words, i want you to tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when you see them

Bling Bling Rap- Soulja Boy (the young cats don’t know any better)

Pimp C- Legend. Rest in Peace. I learned my music grind from these cats.

Boston Hip Hop- Underdeveloped. Too much hate, not enough talent or industry.

Ray Benzino- A legend in his own mind.

Major Labels today- Ineffective fat cats, lazy execs and gay ass A&Rs.

Barack or Hillary?- Anybody but McCain.

Red Zone Inc- The future for a lot of people in this industry.

Iceman- Will die loved and feared by many.

Haha!! Aight homie its a wrap, any shout outs you wanna give before we roll?

No doubt. Shout to my girl, heather, I couldn’t do it without you mama! And shout out to my whole fam at Red Zone Records. Shout out to you VL Troy, and to the whole Rap-A-Lot Records fam. Shout out to Jump Squad, and SDE. This is our year, we makin it happen!

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    February 16, 2008 at 6:30 pm


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