Sickamore Leaves Atlantic Records

DJ Sickamore, the famous mixtape DJ & entrepreneur, posted in his “Thank God I’m Famous” blog that he is effectively resigning as Director of A&R for Atlantic Records. I, for one, would like to congratulate him on this move.

As any reader of my blog knows, I’m of the opinion that the business model of the major labels is way past outmoded, and the only successful models in the foreseeable future of Hip-Hop will be those executed by the independent music companies. No more advancing artists huge sums of money and then giving them little or no support to enable them to succeed. And THEN recouping all of the artist’s advance money once they fail, leaving them bankrupt. That’s old thinking. The days of huge monolithic record labels with antiquated marketing strategies are done. The new focus is going to be on making artists true partners in all aspects, and giving them the support they need to build their careers.

Sickamore will continue to grow his own company, “The Famous Firm b/k/a I Can Make You Famous”, which will focus on artist management and development.

Check out his blog to get more info on his reasons for leaving Atlantic and his plans for the future.

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