Jay-Z Sued for.. Slavery Reparations?

Don’t know too much about the background involved here, but on first glance the story looks ridiculous: According to the New York Observer, Brooklyn activist Clive Campbell of “Da Black Defense League” has filed a suit against Jay-Z and his financial partners real estate developer Bruce Ratner and Barclays Bank, demanding $5 billion in reparations relating to Barclay’s supposed role in the African slave trade.

To me, this story seems like just another in an endless stream of excessive litigation in this country. Anyone can sue anyone in this country, and your suit doesn’t even have to have any merit in order to be filed. I mean, we’re talking about SLAVERY reparations. EVERY “old money” corporation in the US had a role in slavery. Good luck winning lawsuits against them all. (And isn’t there some kind of statute of limitations, anyway? If not, there should be.)

Besides, what the hell does Jay-Z have to do with what Barclay’s may or may not have done 400 plus years ago? On top of which “Da Black Defense League” sounds like some kind of Saturday Night Live skit. I checked out their MySpace page (yes, they have a MySpace page. What reputable legal entity doesn’t?), and the news of this lawsuit is plastered across their headline like a badge of honor. They’re proudly publicizing this lawsuit, so I guess it’s their claim to fame. Well, that, and the “Voodoo priestess curse” on the Nets basketball team they talk about in their blog. Wow…

Enough already. Anyone with any kind of money is a target for all these frivolous lawsuits. And as for this Clive Campbell, even if he wins (doubtful), is he REALLY going to redistribute this money in the form of reparations? (Even MORE doubtful.) If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you for cheap.

But then again, I guess these poor starving lawyers have to eat too, right? Wow.

2 Responses to “Jay-Z Sued for.. Slavery Reparations?”

  1. February 25, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    I like to read the weird but true section of the New York Post. This is where their lawsuit belongs. Pure nonsense.

  2. 2 VL troy
    March 2, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    he loves to get sued or something!

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