TVT Has a Deal With Q-Trax, Coffee Shop Interviews 50 Cent

Wired reported today that popular indie label TVT Records has a deal with Qtrax to provide music to the ad-supported “legal P2P” service.   Both companies have had their share of setbacks lately.

TVT Recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and Qtrax had a failed launch after announcing that they had deals in pace with all four major labels, which the labels subsequently denied.   According to the Wired article, Steve Gottleib, president of TVT told them via email, “TVT has long been a forceful advocate of the ad-supported model,” and confirmed that his label has an active deal with Qtrax dating back to nearly two nears ago.

In other news, my boys over at Coffee Shop Mag scored an exclusive one-on-one interview with 50-Cent, in which the rapper talks about his thoughts on declining music sales, and his beef with Yukmouth and Z-Ro.

1 Response to “TVT Has a Deal With Q-Trax, Coffee Shop Interviews 50 Cent”

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