For Musicians, MySpace Still Rules

I have a Facebook page for my music.  Don’t ask me where it is, I think it’s some miscellaneous “app” floating around out there in cyberspace.  I started it way back in early 2007, and I still don’t know where it is….

I know, I know… Facebook is supposedly better than MySpace, yada yada yada.  That’s why I made one.   And I alos know that most bloggers prefer Facebook for some reason.  I think it has more to do with the fact that most blog pages I visit are written by anti-establishment cats  who bash MySpace for no other reason than the fact that they’re run by News Corp.  I personally don’t care about that.  I care about ease of use, and functionality.  MySpace has both, Facebook has neither.  i'[m not talking politics here, or hidden agendas.  I’m talking practicality.

On MySpace, any aspiring musician can easily sign up for a music profile, upload their music, and begin promoting to the masses.  On Facebook, you have to go through some byzantine process where you have to set up a personal profile, use that as an “admin”, and THEN set up an “app”, that doubles as your music page.  I think.  I’ve gotten too lost and turned around on the Facebook site to really know for sure.   And that’s my point.  I’m not a dumb guy.  I’ve started and developed multiple Internet sites, I currently run my own record label, I’m an accomplished studio engineer, and I’m a partner in a graphic design company.  Yet I still can’t figure out Facebook’s bizarre hoop-jumping set up.

Here’s  the thing – according to hypebot, Facebook recently launched “two new “Pages” for music and film designed to lure more musician and film makers and ease the way for them.” 

Okay, sounds good, right?  Okay, maybe I was wrong about Facebook.  Maybe they are trying to make it easier.  So, I log in with my Facebook email and password, and I see THREE different admin pages, and no music profile.   So much for ease of use.

In my opinion, Facebook has a long  way to go to catch up with MySpace in terms of ease of use and functionality.  They should truly make it easy by doing away with the whole “admin” profile nonsense, and just allow people to sign up for music profiles that stand alone.  (Facebook guys – check out MySpace to see hwo it’s done!)  If and until they get around to doing that, I’ll leave Facebook to the soccer moms and and college kids.  Give me those “over saturated”, “corporate lackeys” with their ‘sloppy coding” over at MySpace any day.

What the hell is an “app” anyway?  Bizarre.

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