NIN Grosses $750,000 on New Release – Overnight

Okay, granted, this is an urban music blog site for the most part, and Nine Inch Nails has absolutely NOTHING to do with urban music, but since NIN now qualifies as an independent act, I still found this to be very noteworthy. Mostly because it bolsters my long-standing argument that major labels are becoming increasingly irrelevant, and that a lot of artists can do better off without them.

Matt Rosoff reported on his Digital Noise blog that the band Nine Inch Nails earned $750,000 gross in one night on a special box-set release of it’s new project, Ghosts. Now granted, the box set is a limited edition deluxe set that went for $300 each, and granted most acts are not as widely known as NIN, but the fact remains that after paying recording and manufacturing costs, the band gets to pocket every single penny.

This illustrates what I’ve long believed. The majors are way out of touch with what music fans really want. They spend too much money on marketing schemes that don’t work, and then they recoup these costs from artists, who end up making next to nothing for each unit that’s sold. In my opinion, any artist stands to make a lot more on each copy of their CD by going the independent route.

As if to underscore this point, where goes the major labels, there also goes one of the most despised organizations in history, the RIAA. Those jackasses. Don Reisinger over at The Digital Home seems to share my low opinion of the RIAA.  Just more reasons to despise the major labels and their system.

1 Response to “NIN Grosses $750,000 on New Release – Overnight”

  1. 1 coffeemag
    March 12, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    What’s the net pay though?

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