How to Become Famous

Ashley Alexandra DupreeForget doing auditioning for American Idol, doing tons of live shows, paying thousands for print ads, and networking your ass off. If you really wanna become a successful indie artist nowadays, all you have to do is sell your body to a high-level government official, and then bring about said official’s downfall. Worked for Ashley Alexandra Dupre!

The now infamous Dupre, also known as “Kristen” the alleged call girl that was the cause of the Eliot Spitzer scandal), scored almost 300,000 song plays on her MySpace profile since the scandal broke (she only has the one song on her MySpace, at least for now). Not only that, but her single “What We Want” was added to NYC pop-radio Z100’s playlist, as well (although, at the time of this writing, MTV News reports that the single was yanked out of Z100’s rotation almost immediately). In addition to all this, Ashley’s single swiftly reached the top price rung in Amie Street’s pricing scheme.

You can’t buy this kind of publicity. I imagine Dupree will end up with a major label offer before too long. Hey, talk about pimping yourself out, right? What’s really funny is that Eliot Spitzer was once known as a big crusader in his efforts as NY attorney general for his efforts to clean up radio payola.

Who’d have though he’d be indirectly responsible for launching the next pop star? Oh, the sheer irony of it!

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