Young Buck not Receiving Royalty Checks?

Not too long ago, I came across an article on ProHipHop.com that talked about Young Buck’s revelation that he’d never once received a royalty check from G-Unit Records. Young Buck’s interview was originally posted on Yo! Raps, a German-based Hip-Hop blog.

In the original article, young Buck went on to talk about his strained relationship with Interscope Records boss Jimmy Iovine, basically saying that he doesn’t receive enough attention from the label. “I respect Jimmy Iovine to the upmost, but I think sometimes you got a blessing in disguise. I think he needs to pay a little bit more attention to Young Buck I would say that much. Give me a little more focus as far as his artist, give me the budget that sold those millions of records if you want to see the feedback”, Buck says.

Regarding his royalties, Yo! Raps also quoted Buck as saying, “A lot of times a lot of artists don’t recoup off of albums so a lot of times they never get to see the backend from that project. I’m the only artist on G-Unit that ever recouped off of an album meaning I went off on this “Buck The World” project not owing Interscope and G-Unit shit, I can say that much. I’m still waiting on a royalty check period, I never seen a royalty check since I’ve been signed with G-Unit. So hell yeah I’ll tell you one damn thing the show money is that good. I’ve never in my career cashed a royalty check, how you like that? Put that one in big black letters n*gga!”

Now, ordinarily, I probably wouldn’t have posted this story in my blog at all, since most people in the industry realize how slow royalty payments can take, especially when you’re dealing with a major label. That is to say if you receive royalty payments at all. I’ve heard of plenty of top-selling artists who’ve gone bankrupt even after their albums have sold millions. No big news there. It seems to me though that artists have definitely got to watch the fine print on their contracts, and never ignore the live show aspect of their careers. Because again, royalty checks from major labels are few and far between. I’ve been saying that for a while anyway.

But then came the follow up. According to ProHipHop.com, Young Buck’s manager Sha Money XL sent out a press release to various Hip-Hop news sites, saying that it’s all untrue, that Young Buck has received over $10 million in royalties. Personally, at this point, I couldn’t tell who was telling the truth. I mean, there’s a big difference between no royalties and $10 million in royalties, right? But, I figured, hey, whatever. Yo! Raps must’ve gotten their story wrong. Let’s give Interscope and G-Unit the benefit of the doubt.

But then today I received an email from Word on the Streets Magazine that points to a follow up by Yo! Raps. Turns out the interview was recorded, and Young Buck did say that he’s never received a royalty from G-Unit.


When it comes down to it, it’s the same point that I’ve been trying to make to struggling artists trying to come up in this game. Stop thinking that you’re going to hit MySpace and be “discovered” by some major label out there, and that will be the answer to your prayers. Don’t wait for someone else to “put you on” and take control of your career. Get your grind on, do your live shows, push your music, and make your money.

Then you might find that even if the majors do come knocking on your door, you might not need them at all. Or at the very least, you’ll be able to negotiate from a position of strength.

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