My First Show at Milly’s Tavern in NH!

For everybody who lives in New Hampshire (and most parts of Massachusetts), you already know, Milly’s Tavern in Manchester is an absolute must for any artist looking to book live shows in the 603. The owner, Peter Telge, is a big fan of Hip-Hop and live music in general, and has been for years. Peter has given many up-and-coming artists like myself a chance to showcase their live performances and to make a good amount of money doing it. Hat’s off to Peter for that!

DJ Danjah Spinning at Milly's TavernAnyway, back to the show. At this point, when it comes to booking my live shows, I’ve made a partnership with DJ Danjah, who’s a very popular young DJ in the 603 music scene. He specializes in Hip-Hop, Reggae, Reggaeton, & R&B, and can even spin house/techno and many other styles of music. he’s a very talented DJ (in my opinion, the best in the state), and he’s got a great head for business. So out of mutual respect for each other’s talent and business capabilities, we’re pretty much down for whatever when it comes to spreading the word, booking live shows, and getting after that money!

Show FlyerOur first event was at Club liquid in Manchester NH, and that went pretty well, considering the fact that it was a Thursday night show, and 21 plus. You’d think we’d have had a bad turnout, but it was actually a pretty successful event. The Milly’s event was even better, though.

The Milly’s show featured live performances by local new england acts Mike Skillz, S.I.C., Fresh2Def, Quiet Akillez, and I.D.C., with DJ Danjah spinning hits all night in between sets. All of the performers were very professional for the most part, and gave standout performances. (There was a weird point where some guy nobody seemed to know jumped on stage and started freestyling for like 10 minutes straight, though. That was a little strange, but for the most part, it was a great show!)

Unfortunately, there were a few low points. Some idiot smashed in the wall on one of the men’s room stalls, which understandably pissed off the owner. And since the crowd was pretty late arriving, we started the show later than we anticipated (I think we had a little too many artists on the bill). Because of that, we ran late, and I didn’t put on a live performance myself.

But all in all, it was a very good event! The crowd had a great time! I look forward to doing another show at Milly’s real soon! (And next time, I’ll actually get on stage! LOL!)

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