NY Court Rules in Favor of Labels in P2P Case

Major labels won a victory yesterday against file sharing networks and people who participate in them. A federal District Court in New York decided that by offering to distribute files on P2P networks by way of a shared folder, a person violates a copyright owner’s right to reproduce and distribute the work.

Lawyers had previously argued that just making a work available for sharing (for example, simply making music files available in a Kazaa shared folder) was not enough to constitute copyright infringement. However, the District Court today agreed with labels that a distribution is synonymous with a publication, so that offering to distribute copies of music could result in liability.

This in and of itself only means that the court in NY says it COULD constitute infringement. But if it goes to Federal Court, which I imagine it will, then it could become law for all. More info on this story at Billboard.biz

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