Lil Wayne Says Fuck Mixtape DJs

Lil Wayne recently sat down for an interview with Foundation Magazine (a mixtape magazine), wherein he expressed his disgust with the mixtape game and mixtape DJs. When asked by the interviewer who the first mixtape DJ was that Wayne could remember, Wayne responded, “I ain’t into all that…I don’t remember no mixtape DJs…tell this dude who he talkin to right now…I created the mixtape game, but I’m not into that no more…I’m doin Lil Wayne.”

At this point Wayne really goes ballistic. After comparing himself to Alfred Nobel (who he mistakenly calls Arthur Nobel), he goes on to say, “if you a mixtape DJ, fuck you…I’m anti-mixtape…I’m pissed off at the mixtape game…they suckin my dick and ain’t lettin me come.” So why the fuck would you do an interview with a mixtape magazine, if you’re anti-mixtape? Wayne is a fucking idiot.

Now, all these statements are truly amazing, considering the fact that if it weren’t for the mixtape game, in my opinion, Lil Wayne’s career would’ve ended after the Hot Boyz broke up. I guess he’s pissed because mixtape DJs are eating off of the 20 million free tracks he drops a day, and not paying him. I’m gonna go on the record here and say Lil Wayne is an idiot. If his beef is about money, how many artists did he pay for jacking industry beats on his mixtapes?

The mixtape game kept this retard’s career going, and now he’s biting the hand that fed him. Personally, as a rapper and businessman, I never thought too much of Lil Wayne in any case. That’s one band wagon I never jumped on. His skills are over-rated, and his numbers have never been top-tier in any case. But whatever. If the industry keeps elevating uneducated illiterate idiots to celebrity status, then they have no right to complain when these jackasses show their true colors.

DJ Kay Slay had a follow up interview with D Mack from Foundation.

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