Atlantic Records Sues Mixtrap.com

Atlantic Records LogoWow.  It’s like these guys can’t help themselves.  They’re addicted to litigation!

Just found out that Atlantic Records is suing Mixtrap.com and BCD for copyright infringement over “intellectual property.” Now, that in and of itself is a joke, considering that Gucci Mane and Plies are evidently at the center of the whole suit.   (Intellectual property???  Plies???  Gucci Mane????  LOL!!!)

I might not even have commented on this story but for the fact that these are the same guys who have sued pre-teens and the elderly in the past.  (I’ve written about that here.) So obviously, they haven’t learned.  They will sue distributors, customers, whoever.  Shit, they’ll probably sue me for writing this blog.  (Suspiciously, I found out about it from a post on urb.com which has been conspicuously deleted…)

At this point, I think it’s more fucking funny than anything else.  I hope their lawyers are gonna buy their music, because by the time they’re done, their lawyers are gonna be the only people left on their side.


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