Been a Long Time…

Man, I have GOT to stop neglecting my blog!  It’s been months and months since my last post… Hmm..what’s been goin on since  my last post…?

  • Me and wifey headed down to Jacksonville Beach for vacation in March 2009.  Man, I fell in LOVE with that city!  One real interesting thing is it’s got a serious Hip-Hop scene, with a lot of talented artists.  I’m already starting to make some connects in the area, trying to put together an event.  Been talking to a few promoters, DJs, and venues in the area, trying to get a feel for what might be possible.  So far, I’m getting a LOT of love from people in Jax.  Definitely nice.  Gotta figure out how to put together something down there this summer if possible!
  • Been having some ups and downs with some of my business partners lately, on what might be a good direction to head in.  Most of my team seems to be on the same page – we’re all ready to make some BIG moves to get ourselves into a much larger target market, but unfortunately some of the team members (who shall remain nameless), seem to think it’s okay to just stay at our current level, and not take any risks.  There’s no question in my mind that if you want to succeed in this (or any) business, you’ve GOT to be willing to take some risks!  I mean, yeah, they should be CALCULATED risks, but after you do all your homework, you can’t be scared to just go for it and get yours!!   Besides, I get easily bored, so there’s no place in my life for complacency!  GO HARD OR GO HOME!!!
  • Started work on my new album, North East Kingdom. Got 3 really tight tracks done so far.  “1 Girl”, which features Jordan Satucci, a Canadian singer, has been gettin a lot of love on MySpace.   I’m not surprised, because it’s got a lot of crossover appeal.  Plus, I think people really relate to the message on that one.  “U Know” – featuring upcoming R&B singer Dre Random, is another one that’s been getting some buzz behind it.  You can check those out on my MySpace page. The 3rd track I’ve gotten done so far is “How We Do”, featuring my man ESBlitz.  That one’s not up on MySpace, but it is up on SendSpace! None of the tracks are available for sale yet, but they will be, as soon as the new album’s done!  What’s funny, this album was originally supposed to be a free mixtape.  Just something to keep my fans happy till I dropped my next studio album.  But it got a life of it’s own I guess, so now it will BE the next studio album!
  • Speaking of free mixtapes, my manager Nick Scola is putting together a free mixtape called “Wolfpack, Volume 1.”  It’s gonna have a lot of features by me on it, and it will also feature work from other up and coming rappers like Iceberg Ali, and Cuban.  So far it’s sounding pretty good.  It’ll be available real soon for free download on sites like datpiff.com!  I THINK we’re also gonna have a free download link on redzonerecords.net too.
  • For all of my music, I use a home studio PC rig running SONAR, FL Studio, Acid, and Sound Forge Plus a TON of plug-ins!!  (No, I don’t use ProTools, and I don’t use a Mac – get over it.)    I discovered some real tight plug ins lately.  One of em is called Voxendo Voxformer. This thing is crazy!  It’s a plug in designed to help you tighten up your vocal tracks, and make em stand out in the mix.  It has some pre-sets for rap, and with a little tweaking, it really cuts down the amount of time it takes to make your vocals sound really professional.  Another good compressor plug-in is Stillwell Audio’s Event Horizon. I came up with a combination of the two that works really good for me.
  • Recently started DJing my own gigs, too.  Pretty much out of necessity.  I hate relying on other people to do things for me when I can probably do them for myself.  I spun a few showcases, and got a love of love from the crowds.  So this could definitely be a good way to pick up some extra income.  Nick and I are planning to start a DJ crew called Jump Squad DJs.  That way, if I can’t spin because of other commitments, we can still book paying gigs, because we have our own team of DJs.  I think it’s a great idea.
  • Just got a message through MySpace from Flawless, at MULTIPLEEARGASM.COM.  They’re a Hip-Hop website based in Jacksonville, and they want to run a feature on me.  I’ll post a link as soon as that’s done!

Anyway, that’s about it for now.  Been real busy, but I’m definitely gonna try to post a lot more regularly from now on!

Holla at ya boi!

-Iceman Streetz


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