Updates – W/E – 5-2-09

  • Things moved forward in my discussions with my business partners.  we broke the impasse, so now we’re getting back to work.  Our next live event will be on May 30th, at Milly’s Tavern, in Manchester, NH. The Summer Kick Off Bash! We’ll be giving away 4 free tickets to Jamn 94.5’s Summer Jam. Should be a good event!
  • We’re also working on mailings to colleges in New England to get into the college circuit for live events.  Serious grind this week.
  • Sent my EPK off to Flawless at MultipleEargasms.com.  Looking forward to seeing the published article!
  • Completed more work on my next album, North East Kingdom. A lot of pre-production this week, but it’s definitely worth it!    I think NEK’s gonna be even better than my first CD, Reign of Fire.  (Although, if you don’t have that one, you should definitely pick it up!
  • Wondering what’s really going on with this swine flu.  We just got 3 “probable cases” of swine flu all the way up here in NH.  Crazy.  Just another argument for closing the borders, if you ask me…
  • Another update — I just read a great post about A&R’s role in today’s music industry.   Also, another good post here, about how the “gatekeepers” in the industry used to be major radio, A&Rs, and music execs.  Nowadays, since anybody can get their music recorded and distributed, it’s more about survival of the fittest.  Nowadays, it really is up to the artist to make themselves successful.  The harder you work, and the smarter you grind, the more likely you are to succeed. (Me and my team have believed that from day one – I’ve never been one to want to have someone do for me what I can do for myself.)   Times are definitely changing.

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