Updates – W/E – 5-9-09

Things moved forward pretty nicely this week.

  • I finally got a Facebook page, for one thing.  I’ve been resisting putting one up for a while now (not too sure why), but I finally gave in and set one up this week.
  • Finished up two more tracks for the Wolfpack Volume 1 Mixtape. It’s gonna be available for free download through the Red Zone Records site, and DatPiff.com.  I’ll be posting links here when the mixtape is done.  Should be hot, Scola and Ali are doing some serious work on the instrumentals!
  • Had a pretty productive telephone conference this week with my partners out of New York.  We discussed marketing plans for my next album, and the prospects of bringing some national artists to New Hampshire.  That should be crazy!  I’ll keep posting info as I get it, of course!
  • Not too much work done on North East Kingdom this week.  Gotta jump in with both feet next week, and make sure I make up for lost time.  IT’s all good, though.  WHENEVER that album is done, I definitely think it’ll be worth the wait!
  • (On a non-music related note — Those Celtics are driving me crazy.  Drop game 1 against Orlando, and then they pretty much demlish em in game 2.  Crazy.  Should be interesting to see what happens with Rafer Alston out of the lineup for the Magic tonight.

That’s it for now!

Holla at ya boi

-Iceman Streetz

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