Updates – W/E – 5-23-09

REAL quick on the updates this week!

  • Hit up Manchester with the team to promote our May 30th show at Milly’s Tavern in Manchester NH. Felt good to be back in the streets grinding!  Been getting a lot of good feedback on the event (we’re giving away FREE tickets to Jamn 94.5’s Summer Jam!), and some stores are ALREADY running low on flyers!  So that’s definitely a good look!
  • Been putting in some more work on my next CD, North East Kingdom.  We’ve decided to include a track called “The Money Made Us Do It” as part of the album.  it’s a strong track, and it features my boy Stress out of NYC (it actually originally appeared on Stress’ They Want My Swagg maxi-single).  You can check it out on my ReverbNation page (you can even download it FREE, if you become a fan of mine on ReverbNation)!
  • We’re hard at work booking live shows for the rest of the summer!  So far, we’ve got a lot of tentative dates set up, including a Beer Pong Tournament/Nice Rack contest at Number 9 Alehouse in Malden MA, and a Beach Party at the Dover Brickhouse in Dover NH! More info coming soon on all our live events!
  • Read a news story this week about Konvict Muzik artist Dolla getting murdered at a mall in LA. Real messed up.  Not a lot of details on what exactly caused the shooting, and we’ll probably never really know.  Best wishes to his family and friends, though.  It’s crazy, because dude was on the come up in a big way.  Had a track featuring T-Pain and everything.  It’s sad that it always seems to come down to violence in this Hip-Hop game.  Rest in peace, Dolla.

Holla at ya boi!

-Iceman Streetz

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