North and South…

Another ‘Twitter status update’ that I’m transforming into a blog post…

The original thought was just me wondering “why the south supports independent Hip-Hop so much more than the north does…?” I really don’t know the answer, but I have some thoughts…

I think it’s possibly because one, the south isn’t as brainwashed by what’s playing on the radio. In the north, it’s a lot harder to get people to listen to your music if it’s not playing on big stations like Jamn 94.5.

Another thing is, I just think cats in the south were so used to the rest of the industry ignoring them for so long, that they pretty much built their OWN industry from the ground up. And from what I see, most of these cats are getting richer selling CDs out of their trunks than some of these other cats with major label deals. I got mad respect for that!

Shit, even I get more love from the south than I get from the north sometimes…and that makes no sense!

Hip-Hop fans in the north — come on, we need to catch up!! If you like someone’s music, support them — buy their music, go to their shows — like they do in the south!!!! Don’t be brainwashed. Good music is good music, whether it’s on the radio or not!

-Iceman Streetz

Selling Mixtapes

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