My Thoughts On Problem Solving

We all have problems! Every day problems, big ones, small ones. So why are some people so successful in getting their problems solved, while others just seem to sit and spin their wheels forever, never moving past one problem?

I think the solution to problem solving lies in how you PROCESS a problem. I know, that sounds very mechanical. But the truth is, the brain really is nothing but the most advanced computer on the planet. So it tends to do very well with processing information.

I think what makes most problems seem insurmountable is the EMOTION attached to any difficult situation. Negative emotions can make you want to throw your hands in the air and say, “I can’t deal with this”, or “I need a drink to make me forget this problem”.

I think a healthier outlook toward problem-solving begins with seeing these negative emotions for what they are – motivators. When you’re faced with a problem, the immediate feelings can be anxiety, despair, anger, or fear.

I think we’re wired this way because these emotions are meant to put us in an uncomfortable position, which will motivate us into taking action to solve the problem.

It’s that good old “fight or flight” survival instinct that has been humanity’s main method of survival for eons.

Now, I’m hardly an expert on the human psyche, and all I can do is offer my thoughts based on my own experience. If anything I say turns out to be useful to any of my readers, then it was worth writing!

That being said, when I first come across a problem that needs to be solved, the first thing I do is let myself experience whatever negative emotions come along with that problem. I need those emotions, because they serve as a motivator. Wanna get rid of the bad feelings that come with a problem? Then solve the problem! No escapism!

Then I step back, and take a look at the problem from an analytic point of view. Determine what resources I need to address the issue. Meaning, do I have what it takes to solve this problem right now? Or do I need do do more research or educate myself further? Do I need outside resources (family or friends)? A lot of issues can make us feel like we’re in over our heads just because we don’t have the information to be able to handle them. Thankfully, we live in the information age! The Internet can get you out of a lot of jams!

Once I figure out what I need to handle the problem, then I look at options. Should I respond aggressively? Politically? Does it require the “carrot” or the “stick”? Or some combination of both? Using the wrong response to a problem can often make a bad situation even worse.

The last thing I do, and the most important thing, in my mind, is I take ACTION to solve the problem. I know this seems obvious, but it’s funny how many people seem to think that just because they’ve THOUGHT about solving a problem, that it should magically disappear!
In my opinion,once you’ve processed your emotions, educated yourself, looked at your options, then it’s time to ACT. Don’t let yourself be immobilzed by uncertainty, because the only thing worse then making a mistake is to not take any action at all!

Make a time frame, make some deadlines. Stick to them, and ACT!

Oh, and try to stay positive! Just remember, it’s only life, we all get through it! šŸ˜‰

Holla at ya boi.
-Iceman Streetz

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