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My Thoughts On Problem Solving

We all have problems! Every day problems, big ones, small ones. So why are some people so successful in getting their problems solved, while others just seem to sit and spin their wheels forever, never moving past one problem?

I think the solution to problem solving lies in how you PROCESS a problem. I know, that sounds very mechanical. But the truth is, the brain really is nothing but the most advanced computer on the planet. So it tends to do very well with processing information.

I think what makes most problems seem insurmountable is the EMOTION attached to any difficult situation. Negative emotions can make you want to throw your hands in the air and say, “I can’t deal with this”, or “I need a drink to make me forget this problem”.

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Updates – W/E – 12-05-09 (From Hiatus)

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North and South…

Another ‘Twitter status update’ that I’m transforming into a blog post…

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Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Seek a Major Label Deal…

This post is for all of those artists who still believe that the only way to have a successful career in the music industry is to get signed to a major label recording deal.  During the course of doing research for my label’s business plan, I came a across a real diamond.  Recently, Ian C. Rogers (of gave a Keynote Address at the GRAMMY Northwest MusicTech Summit 2008.  In his address, he broke down perfectly the relationship between artists and labels in the new musical landscape.

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Tech N9NE Breaks the Million Unit Mark!

Congratulations to my man Tech N9ne on his recent accomplishment.  He just broke the sales mark of 1 million units sold, as of his last release.  Independently!  That’s amazing.  And it shows that you can do whatever you set your mind to in this business, as long as you stay on your grind, and keep focused!  Congratulations, Tech!

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(Hypebot) – 5 Lies Indie Musicians Tell Themselves

Another great post from Hypebot about the 5 lies that indie musician’s tell themselves while they’re trying to succeed in the industry.  I’m pasting it here, so i can throw my own commentary in.  I just want to gear my commentary toward the urban artists in particular.  But please, check out Hypebot when you get a chance!  It’s a great blog.  One of the best!

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Street Sales in Hip-Hop… I Love This!

See, to me, this is what it’s all about!  This is the ultimate Do It Yourself grind!!!  My crew and I have sold thousands of CDs just like the rappers in this NY Times story about street CD sales. And I can tell you, I got a much better feeling selling my music on the streets than I ever did working any bullshit day job.

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