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Updates – W/E – 12-05-09 (From Hiatus)

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Music Sales in 2008

Okay, here’s some raw data from Hypebot (they seem to look at the numbers as a negative, but hey, digital numbers are still rising, so that’s good news for us indies).

For the 52-week period ending December 28th, according to retail data collected by Nielsen SoundScan: Continue reading ‘Music Sales in 2008’


Tech N9NE Breaks the Million Unit Mark!

Congratulations to my man Tech N9ne on his recent accomplishment.  He just broke the sales mark of 1 million units sold, as of his last release.  Independently!  That’s amazing.  And it shows that you can do whatever you set your mind to in this business, as long as you stay on your grind, and keep focused!  Congratulations, Tech!

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Stop the Negativity. The Music Industry is Doing Just Fine.

I guess we’ve all heard the arguments by now.  With the digital revolution making it so easy for any artist to put out and distribute their music, the music itself as a physical product was bound to be devalued.

I’ve seen numerous arguments on “the future of free”, meaning that music itself has become so devalued that fans actually feel it’s their right to get it for free.  I guess this is probably natural, considering that most of the kids coming of age now have never experienced life without LimeWire or Bearshare.

All of this is understandable.  But what does this mean in terms of the overall music industry?  Is it headed for a slow death?

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First Week Sales Numbers…How Important Are They?

Soundscan NumbersI just read a really good post by Adam B. over at Adam’s World concerning the major label focus on first week sales numbers.  You know, those numbers that give major label artists bragging rights, as in, “I sold 300,000 units first week”, or, “my latest album shipped gold”.

But this all makes me wonder two things: one, are first week sales really that important, and two, are they actually accurate?

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HypeBot Discusses Ways the Music Industry Can Save Itself

Hypebot LogoOne of my favorite music industry blogs, HypeBot, recently published a series of articles on how the music industry can save itself from destruction.

Now, as any reader of mine knows by now, I am no fan of major labels, and could care less about them saving themselves.

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MySpace Digital Music Service – My Synopsis

Not too long ago, I came across a storm of blog postings that all claimed MySpace was launching a new digital music service in conjunction with three of the four major labels. According to, the new service will be “called MySpace Music, (and) the service is expected to be a one-stop destination for all things music, including DRM-free full-song downloads, ad-supported free full-song streaming, concert tickets, merchandise and ringtones.”

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