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Updates – W/E – 12-05-09 (From Hiatus)

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Labels Getting Paid for P2P? Music ‘Task Force’ in Florida?

According to paidContent UK, one of the top ISPs in the UK is going to be launching an unlimited music service that will actually pay labels for songs that are downloaded illegally by their customers.  Interesting.  I wonder if it’s gonna work.  Because if it does, it seems like a win-win.  Fans get free music, and the major labels can stop whining about how broke they are because of illegal file sharing.  Curious to see whether this will work, and if it does, will the major ISPs in the US follow?  And if they do, will it be all labels that get paid, or just the majors?

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Stop the Negativity. The Music Industry is Doing Just Fine.

I guess we’ve all heard the arguments by now.  With the digital revolution making it so easy for any artist to put out and distribute their music, the music itself as a physical product was bound to be devalued.

I’ve seen numerous arguments on “the future of free”, meaning that music itself has become so devalued that fans actually feel it’s their right to get it for free.  I guess this is probably natural, considering that most of the kids coming of age now have never experienced life without LimeWire or Bearshare.

All of this is understandable.  But what does this mean in terms of the overall music industry?  Is it headed for a slow death?

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NY Court Rules in Favor of Labels in P2P Case

Major labels won a victory yesterday against file sharing networks and people who participate in them. A federal District Court in New York decided that by offering to distribute files on P2P networks by way of a shared folder, a person violates a copyright owner’s right to reproduce and distribute the work.

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TVT Has a Deal With Q-Trax, Coffee Shop Interviews 50 Cent

Wired reported today that popular indie label TVT Records has a deal with Qtrax to provide music to the ad-supported “legal P2P” service.   Both companies have had their share of setbacks lately.

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Internet Users Banned for Violating Copyright Law?

Looks like the major labels have latched onto a new strategy to combat illegal P2P usage: Use internet providers to do the dirty work. As reported by the Times UK this week, the UK is in the process of adopting a law that would require ISPs to close the accounts of customers who use P2P sites like Limewire to violate copyright law.

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Top 10 “Illegally” Downloaded Songs of 2007

(According to HypeBot)

I HAD to put quotes around the Illegally in the title, because in my opinion, downloading on Limewire SHOULD be legal to a certain point (I’ll write more about that in another entry). But here’s the list.

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