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Updates – W/E – 12-05-09 (From Hiatus)

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18 Plus Drinking Age! Let’s Make it Happen!

According to my boys over at Hypebot, a consortium of major college and university presidents recently called for the US to lower the legal drinking age to 18. They point out the fact that there are only 3 other countries in the world who’s legal drinking age is 21.  The Ukraine, South Korea, and Malaysia.

Hypebot is calling for the music industry to come out in vocal support of lowering the drinking age to 18.  I agree one hundred percent, for two simple reasons.

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Labels Getting Paid for P2P? Music ‘Task Force’ in Florida?

According to paidContent UK, one of the top ISPs in the UK is going to be launching an unlimited music service that will actually pay labels for songs that are downloaded illegally by their customers.  Interesting.  I wonder if it’s gonna work.  Because if it does, it seems like a win-win.  Fans get free music, and the major labels can stop whining about how broke they are because of illegal file sharing.  Curious to see whether this will work, and if it does, will the major ISPs in the US follow?  And if they do, will it be all labels that get paid, or just the majors?

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My Thoughts on the Rick Ross Situation

About the situation where Rick Ross was discovered by the Smoking Gun to have once been employed as a corrections officer….honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is.

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How to Become Famous

Ashley Alexandra DupreeForget doing auditioning for American Idol, doing tons of live shows, paying thousands for print ads, and networking your ass off. If you really wanna become a successful indie artist nowadays, all you have to do is sell your body to a high-level government official, and then bring about said official’s downfall. Worked for Ashley Alexandra Dupre!

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Jay-Z Sued for.. Slavery Reparations?

Don’t know too much about the background involved here, but on first glance the story looks ridiculous: According to the New York Observer, Brooklyn activist Clive Campbell of “Da Black Defense League” has filed a suit against Jay-Z and his financial partners real estate developer Bruce Ratner and Barclays Bank, demanding $5 billion in reparations relating to Barclay’s supposed role in the African slave trade.

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The Hip-Hop Scene in New Hampshire is on Life Support

People always ask me how the music scene is up here in New Hampshire. They ask me why I’m even bothering to launch a rap career/rap label in this state. I always have a variation of these same answer for them.

This state (New Hampshire), and the New England music scene as a whole (Maine & Vermont also have hugely underdeveloped urban culture markets) possess enormous potential, if we would get our heads right as businessmen and develop a sustainable infrastructure for Hip-Hop fans.

Make no mistake about it, the fans are there.

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