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Updates – W/E – 12-05-09 (From Hiatus)

It’s been about 6 months since my last blog post. Amazing how time flies when it comes to these posts! Continue reading ‘Updates – W/E – 12-05-09 (From Hiatus)’


RIAA Suit Backfires Big Time

RIAA logo(Digital Media Wire) Hear about this?  Those idiots over at the RIAA out-did themselves yet again.  Turns out they sued some lady in Oregon for illegal downloading.  Not only did the RIAA lose the suit, but the judge ordered them to pay over $100k in attorney fees to the plaintiff.  On top of all this, the woman is now suing the RIAA for malicious prosecution.  These guys just get dumber and dumber everyday.



First Week Sales Numbers…How Important Are They?

Soundscan NumbersI just read a really good post by Adam B. over at Adam’s World concerning the major label focus on first week sales numbers.  You know, those numbers that give major label artists bragging rights, as in, “I sold 300,000 units first week”, or, “my latest album shipped gold”.

But this all makes me wonder two things: one, are first week sales really that important, and two, are they actually accurate?

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NIN Grosses $750,000 on New Release – Overnight

Okay, granted, this is an urban music blog site for the most part, and Nine Inch Nails has absolutely NOTHING to do with urban music, but since NIN now qualifies as an independent act, I still found this to be very noteworthy. Mostly because it bolsters my long-standing argument that major labels are becoming increasingly irrelevant, and that a lot of artists can do better off without them. Continue reading ‘NIN Grosses $750,000 on New Release – Overnight’


RIAA Planning to Cut Artist Royalties

The globally despised RIAA is at it again. according to their public statements, they profess to have the best interest of the artist in mind. By attempting to stamp out piracy and illegal downloading, they claim to be trying to protect the value of recorded music and the livelihoods of recording artists.

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More Dumb RIAA Lawsuits

This is amazing. I used to look up to Atlantic Records. Instead of suing people for ripping their own CDs, they need to spend more time trying to figure out how to give music fans their money’s worth, and stop treating them like criminals. As far as the RIAA, what can I say. Those greedy idiots will never change…

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