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Updates – W/E – 5-23-09

REAL quick on the updates this week!


My First Show at Milly’s Tavern in NH!

For everybody who lives in New Hampshire (and most parts of Massachusetts), you already know, Milly’s Tavern in Manchester is an absolute must for any artist looking to book live shows in the 603. The owner, Peter Telge, is a big fan of Hip-Hop and live music in general, and has been for years. Peter has given many up-and-coming artists like myself a chance to showcase their live performances and to make a good amount of money doing it. Hat’s off to Peter for that!

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The Hip-Hop Scene in New Hampshire is on Life Support

People always ask me how the music scene is up here in New Hampshire. They ask me why I’m even bothering to launch a rap career/rap label in this state. I always have a variation of these same answer for them.

This state (New Hampshire), and the New England music scene as a whole (Maine & Vermont also have hugely underdeveloped urban culture markets) possess enormous potential, if we would get our heads right as businessmen and develop a sustainable infrastructure for Hip-Hop fans.

Make no mistake about it, the fans are there.

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